You will Learn

At the end of this sexual harassment prevention training you will be able to:

  • Describe what constitutes sexual harassment, with examples of sexual harassment conduct.

  • Access information about government provisions, such as remedies available to sexual harassment victims.

  • Know about an employer’s responsibility to prevent, investigate, and correct sexual harassment.

  • Share options available to report allegations of sexual harassment, including information about retaliation, also known as “whistle blower” protections; penalties for sexual harassment, false reports, and interfering with, obstructing, or failing to cooperate with a sexual harassment investigation.

Why attend this training?

  • Why attend this training?

    The Illinois Legislature enacted two laws that apply to Licensed Clinicians. Both statutes require training and are required before you renew your license. Both require that you retain documented proof of the training. The training provided by The Juniper Center will count towards meeting the licensee’s required continuing education hours for the statute related to sexual harassment prevention training. Even if you have already obtained your required [24] CE, this training must also be taken. This training offered by The Juniper Center counts towards meeting your required continuing education hours.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    • Welcome to your CEU Webinar: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    • Video Presentation - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    • Copy of Presentation Slides

    • Quiz: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    • Course Review Survey


Founder & Chief Care Officer

Margo Jaquot

Dr. Margo Jacquot is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Supervisory Behavioral Issues Counselor and Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. She is a national lecturer on trauma recovery, behavioral issues, LGBTQ issues, and working with couples. Dr. Jacquot has taught graduate and post-graduate courses in treating trauma, behavioral issues, couples and families and LGBTQ affirming therapies. She is Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a powerful treatment to help people resolve anxiety, panic, depression, phobias, stress, and trauma. Dr. Jacquot provides clinical consultation to other therapists regarding treatment as well as mentoring around private practice development and management. She consults with businesses and the community regarding behavioral health and healthy workplace policies and has served on the board of the Illinois Psychological Association. Dr. Jacquot is the founder and Chief Care Officer of The Juniper Center, one of the largest woman-owned counseling and therapy practices across Chicagoland, with over 40 clinicians at 5 locations and via telehealth.


This is what participants had to say about this Webinar

  • Testimonial -

    I have taken several workshops by Dr. Jacquot and am consistently impressed by the comfort in presentation, ease of communication, and substance of material. (DH)

  • Testimonial -

    I just took the training and, as a “recovering” employment discrimination attorney, I can say that it was excellent! (CB)

  • Testimonial -

    This course was very valuable. I learned more than one thing and I feel much better informed. I think, after this course, I will be a lot more careful about touching (no hugs unless asked) and realize that everyone has to - or should be - a lot more aware of their behavior.(SM)