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Grief and sadness are part of the human experience. These overwhelming and difficult emotions can serve as an opportunity for immense personal growth. This seminar will shed light on the purpose of grief, and how to work with it as a tool for growth and transformation.

  • Learn an energy-giving versus an energy-draining approach to addressing grief and complicated grief

  • Understanding grief and grieving from the perspective of the brain’s neurobiology and introducing updated models that address the heartwrenching dilemma the brain is trying to solve.

  • Teach a body-centered approach to working through layers of grief, and creating space for transformation and meaning.

Course curriculum

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    The Transformational Power of Grief (Recorded)

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    • Recorded: The Transformational Power of Grief

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Karen Adler

Karen Adler, MSW, LCSW is a trauma-informed, body-centered psychotherapist with over thirty-five years of experience working with individuals, couples, LGBTQI adults & teens and families on issues of trauma, grief, stress, anxiety, depression and life transitional challenges. Through her extensive training and life experience, Karen has earned a reputation and following as a trusted guide, empowering individuals, couples and families. Along with her therapeutic practice, Karen offers supervision and consultation services and holds self-reflection, spirituality, meditation workshops and retreats as well as keynote addresses and seminars on stress relief, grief and trauma. Karen also provides conscious parenting services and conducts ceremonial celebrations for milestones events. Karen’s primary mode of therapy is Self Acceptance Training (SAT), a mind-body approach that seeks to explore, uncover and free blocked emotions and trauma held within the body. Embarking on this experiential journey an individual is provided an opportunity to follow the call of the body’s sensations to uncover deeply hidden truths and bring them to light. The result - a sense of confidence, inner peace, vitality, and strength. The space created within lets the soul shine through and empathy, compassion and life’s purpose take the lead. The goal of this work is not simply to live a better life but to undergo a transformational shift allowing one to live into their Best Self. Instead of becoming a cause for fear and stress, the pressures of an ever changing, the uncertain world can be a catalyst for change, expansion and courageous exploration. The work of Self Acceptance integrates the best elements of psychotherapy and spirituality.