About the Course

You’re in a situation with a child, a family or an adult that causes you to pause and wonder what you need to do to help protect everyone involved. As we all know, therapists are mandated reporters. What we don’t always know is: What exactly does it mean to be a mandated reporter? What sorts of behaviors or reports do we need to respond to? What will a call do to our alliance with our client(s)? Can we NOT call if we think doing so is in the best interest of our client? What might happen to our clients and to us if we do NOT call? What exactly are our legal and ethical responsibilities? Clinically and relationally, making a report can be a real challenge! We worry about what reporting means for our clients and for us. Course objectives include:

  • Identify 3 situations in which they must report to child protective services.

  • Discuss the clinical, legal, and ethical impacts of reporting and not reporting.

  • Explain what can be expected when making a call to child protective services.

Course curriculum

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    Mandated Reporter for Training Therapists (Recorded Webinar)

    • Welcome to your CEU Webinar

    • Mandated Reporter Training for Therapists

    • Copy of Presentation Slides

    • Quiz: TEST - Mandated Reporter Training

    • Course Review Survey


Founder & Chief Care Officer

Margo Jaquot

Dr. Margo Jacquot is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Supervisory Behavioral Issues Counselor and Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. She is a national lecturer on trauma recovery, behavioral issues, LGBTQ issues, and working with couples. Dr. Jacquot has taught graduate and post-graduate courses in treating trauma, behavioral issues, couples and families and LGBTQ affirming therapies. She is Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a powerful treatment to help people resolve anxiety, panic, depression, phobias, stress, and trauma. Dr. Jacquot provides clinical consultation to other therapists regarding treatment as well as mentoring around private practice development and management. She consults with businesses and the community regarding behavioral health and healthy workplace policies and has served on the board of the Illinois Psychological Association. Dr. Jacquot is the founder and Chief Care Officer of The Juniper Center, one of the largest woman-owned counseling and therapy practices across Chicagoland, with over 40 clinicians at 5 locations and via telehealth.