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Clients with developmental (early) trauma often struggle to achieve and maintain regulation and well-being, and present with a host of problems. The TEB program focuses on the building up of resilience and regulation. It uses attunement, attachment work, nervous system awareness and somatically oriented protocols to bring about deep healing.

  • Learn about the Nervous System “safety zones” (Neuroception)

  • Determine how attunement and somatic techniques can increase regulation and decrease symptoms.

  • Understand the far-reaching effects of Developmental Trauma on clients

Course curriculum

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    Transforming the Experience-Based Brain (TEB): (Recorded)

    • Welcome to your CEU Webinar

    • Recorded: Transforming the Experience-Based Brain

    • TEB Presentation Slide Deck

    • Quiz: Transforming the Experience-Based Brain (TEB)

    • Course Review Survey



Ellen Keating

Ellen Keating is a licensed psychologist in Wheaton, IL, who works with Developmental Trauma and Transforming Touch. She originally trained in emotion-focused therapy and noticed how clients would go from accessing deeper emotions directly into their traumas. Thus, she became interested in the healing of trauma. She explored Gestalt therapy, focusing, EMDR, and working with parts of the self. Ultimately, she discovered somatic healing and saw how powerful it could be for the healing of trauma. Gradually, it also became clear that clients with adversity and trauma win early had particularly entrenched patterns. This coincided with Ellen being introduced to the Transforming the Experience-Based Brain trainings. She saw through attunement, attachment, and somatic regulation, even the “oldest” wounds and the toughest patterns can be helped and healed! Ellen is a lead assistant for the Transforming the Experience-Based Brain trainings and does teaching and consultations for therapists who work somatically with Developmental Trauma. In 2019, she presented a workshop on “Trauma, Regulation and Building Resilience” at the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) conference in Denver. She is always delighted to speak about healing from trauma!